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Helena Jiskrová | Common SIGN

Common SIGN


Součástí diplomové práce Common sign na UMPRUM v Praze byly též webové stránky. Cílem těchto stránek je pomoci lepšímu porozumění mezi jednotlivými minoritními skupinami
a veřejností. www.commonsign.com

Part of the diploma project at AAAD i Prague was as well website where the purpose is to build 
a worldwide network that helps others understand different subcultures. The web site allows people to add pictures, comment on them and get in contact with others worldwide who share the same interest. By doing this, users help build a network of visual information and opinions. The site is categorized by subcultures in different cities. This allows visitors to quickly know which subculture is the most popular by city and compare them to different cities.  www.commonsign.com